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Empower Your Community With Homeownership

Are you a local government official looking to address the housing challenges in your community? Welcome to Club 720's Home Buyer Program in a Box - a comprehensive and tailored solution designed to empower potential home buyers in your region.

Your Hands-Free Housing Hub

Together, let's create a hub of housing resources (and other wealth building tools) that's available at your targeted population's finger tips. 

Government Sponsors 

Offer Your Existing Program(s)

or Let Us Design One for You*

Increased Awareness About Your Program(s)

Ubiquitous Access to Your Program(s)

Curated Complementary Credit Tools & Products

Dynamic Outreach Strategies & Performance Reporting

*May not be available in all areas.

Financial Institutions & Housing Counselors

Offer Your Low- and No-Fee Bank Accounts

Offer Your Credit Builder Products

Offer Affordable Financial Tools & Products

Collaborate to Offer Financial Wellness Workshops

Offer Your 1:1 and/or Group Coaching Programs

What's in the Box?

We collaborate with local partners to create a resource hub for homebuyers, enhancing community growth and partner visibility.

Self-Funded Down Payment Assistance Programs

Increase homeownership, promote talent retention, and build wealth in your community at no cost to the community.

Home Buyer
Pipeline Building

Financial wellness courses and workshop to encourage homeownership and improve homebuyers' access to credit.

Local Credit
Building Tools

Expand your local homebuyer housing toolkit by inviting local banks, builders, developers, and program partners to join.

Informed Decision Making

Our in-depth quarterly reports track your program's efficacy, providing crucial insights for ongoing improvement.

Ultimate Program Awareness & Access

We'll help you launch and publicize your program, captivating local residents and prospective newcomers.

Optional Add-Ons

Our platform is completely customizable so you can tailor the program to your community's needs. 

Ready to Transform Your Community?

Take the first step to empowering your community with home ownership.

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