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Partner with Club 720 for Financial Empowerment and Community Growth

Join us in a unique collaboration that benefits both your institution and the communities you serve. Our program connects banking and financial institutions with Club 720 members, offering financial education, coaching, and access to essential financial tools.

Why Partner with Club 720?

Direct Client Referrals

Connect with Club 720 members who need your financial products and services. 

Comprehensive Bank Engagement
Beyond CRA programs, facilitate holistic bank involvement by bringing together various banking experts (e.g., business planning, retail banking) to comprehensively support Club 720 members in their financial journeys.

Community Impact

Contribute to meaningful community development and enhance financial literacy among Club 720 members.

CRA Credits

Fulfill your Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) goals through verified community engagement and contribution.

Brand Enhancement

Elevate your institution’s image as a socially responsible leader, committed to the financial wellbeing of the communities you serve.

How Our Program Works

Tailored Financial Solutions

Connect your products with the right clients through Club 720.

Educational Initiatives

Be part of our financial literacy workshops and webinars.

Personalized Coaching

Support our one-on-one coaching approach for financial empowerment.



Ready to Partner with Us?

Fill out our inquiry form to start the conversation. We'll discuss the best partnership model for you and provide detailed pricing information.

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