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Terms & Conditions

I hereby authorize and instruction Club 720® to obtain and review my credit report/background and review my credit report/background. My credit report/background will be obtained from a credit reporting agency chosen by Club 720®.  I understand and agree that Club 720® intends to use credit report for the purpose of evaluating my ability to be approved for various loans and grant programs that may be available through Club 720®. By clicking the box below, I authorize the release to Club 720® Preferred Program Partners (participating banks and lenders) of my financial information and/or other information that I have supplied to Club 720® in connection with such evaluation.


Authorization is further granted to Club 720® and its Preferred Program Partners to use this authorization to obtain any information the Club 720® Preferred Program Partner deems necessary to complete my application, up to and including pulling my credit score which may result in a hard credit pull on my credit report, which may affect my credit score.


I hereby provide authorization and instruction to Club 720®. I understand that I may revoke my consent to these disclosures by notifying Club 720® in writing.


Name: John Smith


Address: 1234 Any Street

City: Fort Wayne

State: Indiana

ZIP Code: 46815

Date: 3/29/22

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